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These absorbers of CO2 and greenhouse gases are large filter panels placed at the entrance and inside the cities. The polluted air is sucked up and filtered and the clean air is released at the back. The polluting gases and the micro particles are compressed and recovered in tanks which will be recycled.

1 – Introduction : 

For reasons of confidentiality, we present you here only the generalities of this project. However, if you want to become a major partner on this OMPE’s project, then you must send us a detailed request only in NDA mode via our contact page specifying the name of the chosen project including your desired level of participation and we will answer you as soon as possible.

2 – Key figure : 

  • OMPE Project name : “The CO2 absorber”
  • OMPE Project # : This project is the OMPE project number 3
  • Progress level : 2 / 5 (OMPE Classification)
  • Environnemental Urgency Degree : 5 / 5 (OMPE Classification : Very Urgent), imminent major threat to biodiversity, global warming and humanity
  • GWA (Global Warming Acceleration) :
  • Ease degree of realization : 3 / 5 (OMPE Classification)
  • Chances of achieving the goal : The project goal can be reached at 100%
  • Number of estimated jobs created (direct and indirect) : 
  • % Use of Fossil Energies : Faible (except for the construction of machines)
  • Operating energy : Solar electricity
  • Global cost : 
  • Main partner : In progress
  • Number of interested partners : 
  • Number of countries sought : Maximum (Global Project of Planet Earth)
  • Number of countries interested : 
  • Number of user countries : 

3 – Project display : 

Gil Emmanuel, President of the OMPE, said :

“We no longer even see the work of our inventor and artist Mr. Gustave Eiffel, it is a shame for France ! If the air is polluted, then absorb this air pollution with the absorber! “

The principles of the absorber

Suffice it to say that all current solutions or warts continue to add gases like CO, CO2 and methane to the atmosphere when they need to be subtracted ! Even if scientists’ predictions are already alarming, they are inaccurate and we are not immune to even more significant increases in heat, CO2, methane… Problems that we will not be able to cope with if we Do not take urgent action! With the OMPE absorber , we can now do it! Did you know, for example, that the valley of Chamonix is even more polluted in winter than Paris? It is even the champion of winter pollution (fine particles, nitrogen dioxide, sulfur, ozone)!

The absorber, a project supported by the OMPE, logically and mathematically reduces the excess of these gases in the air ! Thus, it allows:

  • An absorption of polluting gases (CO, CO2, methane) and microparticles;
  • The conversion of the gases into recovered liquids in the tank in the basement;
  • The removal of microparticles.

How does the absorber work?

The absorber behaves like a filter. It exists :

  • Macro-absorbers to be placed on hills, in valleys or on the edge of cities;
  • Normal absorbers in cities;
  • Micro-absorbers in homes or cars.

The absorber screen should face the wind. If there is no wind, a fan will activate to create a draft. Polluted air enters filters that treat  both micro-particles and gases. The microparticles are thus retained in the filters and the gases are absorbed and liquefied (pressure changes) when they are stored in the tank, divided into 3 separate compartments to receive CO, CO2 and methane.

absorbeur de co2 OMPE

absorbeur de co2 OMPE

Maintenance should include the emptying of tanks in pick-up trucks and cleaning of particulate filters via a specific secure protocol. The microparticle filters have a specificity that allows them not to filter out pollens that are rejected, as if nothing else, behind the absorber.

At the input and output of the absorbed areas, OMPE sensors receive and analyze the values of the gas and microparticle samples. These data are retrieved in real time from the OMPE center in France and then posted on the OMPE website (control screen part, atmosphere category). Advertisements may be affixed to both sides of the absorbers.

absorbeur_pollution_ompeThe objectives of the CO2 absorber

The objectives of such an innovation are precise:

  • Lowering of greenhouse gas emissions;
  • Cleaning of the air, reduction of bronchitis, bronchiolitis in children, allergies …;
  • Rapid climate cooling;
  • Recovery of liquids for the creation of plastics or others.


Supports from the OMPE


The OMPE wishes to call on various supports to set up the CO2 absorber, and in particular to:

  • Companies, inventors or scientists for the manufacture of the absorber;
  • Sponsors to put environmental ads in the back of absorbers.


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