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These absorbers of CO2 and greenhouse gases are large filter panels placed at the entrance and inside the cities. The polluted air is sucked up and filtered and the purified air is released at the back. The polluting gases and the micro particles are compressed and recovered in tanks which will be recycled.

1 – Introduction : 

For reasons of confidentiality, we present you here only the generalities of this project. However, if you want to become a major partner on this OMPE’s project, then you must send us a detailed request only in NDA mode via our contact page specifying the name of the chosen project including your desired level of participation and we will answer you as soon as possible.

2 – Key figure : 

  • OMPE Project name : “The CO2 absorber”
  • OMPE Project # : This project is the OMPE project number 3
  • Progress level : 2 / 5 (OMPE Classification)
  • Environnemental Urgency Degree : 5 / 5 (OMPE Classification : Very Urgent), imminent major threat to biodiversity, global warming and humanity
  • GWA (Global Warming Acceleration) :
  • Ease degree of realization : 3 / 5 (OMPE Classification)
  • Chances of achieving the goal : The project goal can be reached at 100%
  • Number of estimated jobs created (direct and indirect) : 
  • % Use of Fossil Energies : Faible (except for the construction of machines)
  • Operating energy : Solar electricity
  • Global cost : 
  • Main partner : In progress
  • Number of interested partners : 3
  • Number of countries sought : Maximum (Global Project of Planet Earth)
  • Number of countries interested : 1
  • Number of user countries : 0

3 – Project Display : 


It is the main system for combating global warming of the OMPE. It consists of large panels
placed at the entrance and inside the cities. The polluted air is sucked in and the purified air is released to the back. Gaseous pollutants and micro particles are
compressed and recovered in tanks that will be recycled. By lowering the level of CO2, (greenhouse gas), this system will rapidly lower
the global temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere.

4 – Principle of operation : 


There are 3 types of absorbers:

1. Macro-absorbers to be placed on the hills, in valleys, on the edge of cities,
2. standard absorbers in cities,
3. microabsorbers in homes, in cars

The screen of the absorber turns as on itself, it is electronically guided to automatically orient itself always in the wind.
An absorber is autonomous in clean energy. It is fully regulated by electricity from its own solar panels, placed on top
and on the very support of the absorber.


a) Polluted air enters through the front of the Absorber

b) The air intake is either naturally through the wind, or with 80 mini-fans placed behind the front panel,
the polluted air then passes into a series of several filters allowing the separation of CO2 and microparticles from the air
thanks to a unique process devised by OMPE

c) After separation, CO2 and microparticles are squeezed inside the absorber post to
run in 2 respective tanks located in the base of the absorber, while the purified air is rejected through the rear panel of the Absorber.

d) Once the 2 tanks are full, they are recovered by the maintenance truck and replaced by empty and clean tanks

5 – Principle of maintenance : 


Maintenance involves the emptying of tanks in pickup trucks and the cleaning of particulate filters via a specified secure protocol. The
Recovered products are recycled again. Microfilter fields have a specificity that allows them to avoid pollen that is released,
as if nothing had happened, behind the absorber.

6 – Controls of the absorption levels : 

In input and output of the absorbed zones, OMPE sensors receive and analyze the values of the gas and microparticle samples. These
data are reported in real time at the center of OMPE in France and posted on the OMPE website (screen control part, atmosphere category).
These sensors are fies or carried by drones which are positioned in front and behind the absorbers. They can also move away
zone to “take” indirect or distant values. A card of values will be affixed in real time on the OMPE website.


7 – The advantages of the Absorber : 


• The air coming out of the rear of the absorber is purified and free from micro-particules.
• Pollen continues to come out behind the panels.
• The viruses are also spoiled and killed immediately by a system of disinfection to UV (Ultra Violet) integrated in the base.
• Diseases (bronchiolitis, bronchitis, allergies, asthma) are totally eliminated.
• Premature deaths due to inhalisation of microparticles are almost completely eliminated as well.
• Increase in biodiversity (insects, bees, birds, animals, etc.)
• Globally observable improvement in global air quality

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