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9- Virus

This project consists in centralizing from the OMPE Research Center researches against viruses and against mosquitoes carried out in all public health institutes of the world.

This makes it possible to pool research instead of competing with it and speeding up the fight against epidemics.

1 – Introduction : 

For reasons of confidentiality, we present you here only the generalities of this project. However, if you want to become a major partner on this OMPE’s project, then you must send us a detailed request only in NDA mode via our contact page specifying the name of the chosen project including your desired level of participation and we will answer you as soon as possible.

2 – Key figure : 

  • OMPE Project name : “Virus”
  • OMPE Project # : This project is the OMPE project number 9
  • Progress level : 0 / 5 (OMPE Classification)
  • Environnemental Urgency Degree : 5 / 5 (OMPE Classification : Very Urgent), imminent major threat to biodiversity, global warming and humanity
  • GWA (Global Warming Acceleration) : No
  • Ease degree of realization : middle level (vaccine)
  • Chances of achieving the goal : The project goal can be reached at 75%
  • Number of estimated jobs created (direct and indirect) : 
  • % Use of Fossil Energies : Low
  • Operating energy : No
  • Global cost : 
  • Main partner : In progress
  • Number of interested partners : International laboratories
  • Number of countries sought : Maximum (Global Project of Planet Earth)
  • Number of countries interested : 
  • Number of user countries : 

3 – Project display : 

This project to centralize resources allows for exceptional coordination on research against viruses and diseases transmitted between animals and humans and vice versa.

This project is divided into 6 parts:

  1. the eradication of mosquitoes vectors of diseases such as: malaria, yellow fever, Zika virus, dengue, West Nile fever, Chikungunya, etc.
  2. the elimination of the open air markets of Asia, which are veritable breeding grounds for viruses (influenza, coronavirus, etc.)
  3. strict enforcement of the ban on the exploitation of wild animals and endangered or protected species.
  4. application of the CMPE virus alert protocol (Cf: below)
  5. the search for vaccines against these viruses: influenza, coronavirus, etc …
  6. the consequences of mosquitoes suppression on the food chain and on their predators (birds, mammals, reptiles, other insects, etc.)


Pangolin (animal yet protected) would be at the origin of the Conavirus (Covid-19) of 2020 in China.


Extract from the OMPE virus alert protocol:

Our CMPE (World Code for the Protection of the Environment) specifies a virus alert protocol to be applied when detecting a virus with a high index R0 (Spread index) from which the following is an extract:

  1. The country concerned must notify the OMPE within a maximum period of 3 days after the discovery of the virus
  2. The country must submit all the information it owns on this virus to the OMPE (Patient 0, R0 index, mode of spread, etc.)
  3. Depending on the risk assessment, the OMPE can decide on the immediate closure of borders and flights and other exchanges from or to this country
  4. The OMPE is responsible for warning all the other countries of the world and for giving the first safety instructions
  5. The OMPE sends a team of scientists equipped and specialized in the infected area
  6. In case of breach of the rules of the CMPE, the country will be presented before the judges of the GPEM (Great Environmental World Trials) which is a kind of International Criminal Court on the environment.


Gorilla is a fragile mammal capable of being easily contaminated by human viruses.


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