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Dangerous animals in France

No need to go to the other side of the world in hostile territory to meet certain dangerous animals… There are a few in France of which you must be wary.


This is a colorful marine species that looks like a jellyfish, but isn’t, and usually lives in tropical waters. Because of strong winds, they drift towards the European coasts, more particularly in Brittany. She remains dangerous whether she is stranded on a beach or dead. Its filaments vary from 15 to 40 cm, are very stinging and can cause death by cardiac shock.


Asian hornet

This insect is also nicknamed “the yellow-legged hornet”, which can be quite aggressive. When it stings, it can inflict severe pain on humans. It can be more serious if it is ever a bite by a female because their stinger can measure up to 6 millimeters. It has been in constant proliferation for ten years on French territory.

Long live

Small “invisible” fish because it hides in the sand of the beaches of the English Channel, the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. Its sting is extremely painful and causes swelling of the foot. Sometimes the pain is sometimes so intense that bathers lose consciousness and can drown.



This little snake, if it feels attacked, will not let it go. It can bite to spread its venom, which can cause swelling, nausea and sometimes even fainting. You can’t die from it except in the case of an allergy.

Black widow

This small red and black spider lives in Corsica, Provence and on the Atlantic coast. It stings if it feels attacked, which diffuses its venom which can cause dizziness, nausea and sometimes even damage the nervous system.



Despite a harmless appearance, this tiny insect can get under our skin and infest it with bacteria. Without extraction within 24 hours, we risk experiencing the symptoms of Lyme disease (neurological disorders, paralysis or, in more serious cases, death).


Wild boar

It never attacks humans directly, but it can cause fatal accidents on the road. Colliding with a boar at over 80 km/h can be fatal.



Considered man’s best friend, he can be very aggressive towards his master, others or sometimes young children. There are also breeds more dangerous than others, for example with pit bulls and German shepherds who can bite or even shred the skin until they bleed. In 20 years in France, 33 people have died from dog bites.

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