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Our 9 concrete projects for the planet

Since our creation in 2013, we have been working on the development of concrete projects to address ecological issues : global warming, air pollution, ocean pollution, animal extinction, forest fires… All these solutions are effective and can be implemented quickly. In all, it is no less than 9 projects that OMPE is wearing today and that we propose to discover.


4 projects against environmental pollution

The pollution of the air, the soil and the oceans is a major problem to which the OMPE responds by proposing 4 major innovative technological projects :

  • the absorber of CO2 and greenhouse gases : at the end of June 2019, France was called to order by the High Council for the climate because of an insufficient reduction of its CO2 emissions. Indeed, the state is far from achieving its objectives and has issued much more than expected. A lack of obvious will and the lack of concrete solutions led to this alarming situation. This is why OMPE proposes the installation of CO2 and greenhouse gas absorbers, placed at the entrance and inside the cities. These filter panels are capable of sucking polluted air, filtering the polluting gases (CO, CO2, methane and microparticles) before rejecting the air thus purified.
  • the Green Box : because the fight against environmental pollution can not be done without a real transition World Ecological, the OMPE invented the Green Box. It is a principle of innovative ecological taxation and citizen whose operation is based on a simple principle : tax polluting companies and help green companies. In the short term, polluting companies that will receive less aid and pay more taxes will have a strong incentive to make environmental and CO2 commitments. Green Box also provides a solution to financial occlusions in the ecology through secure and encrypted IT management.


  • the new shared autonomous car : the latest project of the OMPE: the creation and development in the cities of a car autonomous, ecological and secure. This new shared autonomous car will have a direct influence on the rate of greenhouse gas emissions thanks to a low use of fossil fuels. We will tell you more about this project very soon…
  • the giant barge and its anti-plastic drones : in addition to the atmosphere, environmental pollution also affects the oceans. It is estimated that more than 150 million tons of plastic float on the surface, not counting billions of microplastics. In a recent article in the Nice-Matin newspaper, the OMPE presented are Fischy’s drone charged with displacing the North Pacific vortex. In all, more than 2600 drones are planned for each vortex. Each of them will have to fill a recovery basket and bring it back once full to a giant barge. The recycled plastics are then compressed in the tank and then transported to the mainland with a recovery boat.


2 projects for the protection of animals

The animal protection is a subject close to our heart. It is also one of the first issues we have tackled. A few months after our creation, we brought together famous singers, actors and personalities to defend animals through the song “Avec Toi Avec Nous“. 2 of our 9 projects are devoted entirely to endangered animals :

  • the Earth Gene Library : because hundreds of fauna species disappear every year, this project aims to fight against the disappearance of terrestrial biodiversity. To hope one day to revive the extinct animal species, the genothèque stores the genomes of endangered species physically and informally through specialized equipment and teams of veterinarians.
  • Charles Darwin Parks : Charles Darwin Parks consist of giant animal parks in 200 countries around the world. In order to ensure the welfare of animals and to increase their numbers on Earth, each park will represent 2% of the area of each country. Each park will be composed of, among others, a veterinary center, a reinforced security anti-poaching system, a permanent connection with the Earth Gene Library…


2 projects against forest fires

In recent years, forest fires have continued to multiply. Murderers, they also destroy biodiversity, contribute to the greenhouse effect and climate change. A vicious circle since greenhouse gases, especially carbon, make forest fires more frequent. In addition to combating atmospheric pollution through the 4 projects previously outlined, OMPE proposes 2 projects against forest fires :

  • the Shadow project : this project aims to reduce the impact of heat waves responsible for many forest fires. It consists of the installation of panels filtering or reflecting the photons of the sun.
  • the UFFFES (Ultra Fast Forest Fire Extinguishing System) : to replace the current obsolete and unsuitable systems, the OMPE offers an ultra-modern system that can suffocate the flames in just a few minutes from projection nitrogen and other gases under pressure.


A global code for the protection of the environment

Because we sincerely believe that unity is strength, we invented the World Code for the Protection of Environment (CMPE) to homogenize global laws on the environment and biodiversity. This code includes a set of texts and articles that must be respected and applied in all countries of the world.

To find out more and support these 9 projects, go to Our Projects page or contact us. We are always looking for partners to make our projects a reality.

We are counting on you !


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